The season of Lent begins in March.  For those of us who practice the tradition of Lent that means giving up something or simply put fasting that item for the duration of Lent.  While there are definitely spiritual benefits to fasting from certain foods and abstaining from various activities, I would like to suggest doing something different this Lent.  Instead of giving something up, consider doing something for someone else instead.  Pick something you have been putting off for some time now.  Maybe it is that conversation you have been wanting to have with your neighbor or taking that old friend out for coffee just to catch up.  Think of something you can do for someone else that will show the love of Christ to them.   After all that is what Lent is preparing us to celebrate, the demonstration of love by Christ on the cross.  If your friend, neighbor, or co-worker asks why you are being so kind, it is an opportunity to tell them about Christ and the love He demonstrated for them on the cross.  The celebration of Christ’s Resurrection is a wonderful time for us as believers, but let us not forget that Christ did not just come to save us.  No, He came to seek and to save the lost and now He employs us in that mission too.

-Pastor Corey Mitchell

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