What I Have Been Reading

Pastors are given books all the time. I am given new books at conferences from denomination leaders, from publishers, and from you.  The challenge is to know what to read to be a good steward of my time.  There are five books I have read that I would like to recommend to you.  The first book is Family Driven Faith, by Voddie Baucham Jr.  It is a great book that looks at the big picture of God’s purposes for families and what family life should look like for the people of God.  The next book is in the same genre, When You Rise Up, by R.C. Sproul Jr. In this book R.C. unpacks the biblical foundation for the education of children.  He addresses the role of parents in the education process, what should be taught to children and the goal of education.  WARNING: this book is convicting and will change the way you think about education.  The third book is The Hole in Our Holiness, by Kevin DeYoung.  Obviously this book is about holiness, but DeYoung not only addresses the biblical call to be holy, but gives practical advice for those who have felt defeated or overwhelmed by the hole in their holiness.  The fourth book is one that is continuing to shape how I understand local church ministry and has been a tremendous help to me as I look at the future of ministry at WBC.  The book is The Trellis and the Vine, by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne.  It is a great read for those who are serious about making disciples.  The last book I would like to recommend is a collection of sermons by Martyn Lloyd-Jones called Setting Our Affections Upon Glory published by Crossway.  If you enjoy rich, theologically sound teaching, this book will feed your soul. It contains nine sermons by Lloyd-Jones on the gospel and the church.  Of course no book written by human authors can replace the wisdom and guidance of the Bible, but the five listed above are faithful to the text of Scripture and are highly practical.

-Pastor Corey Mitchell

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