God at Work

It has been almost two and a half years since I first preached about church planting.  On December 5, 2010 I preached a sermon entitled “Plant.”  I remember that day very well.  I was nervous, because.  Church Planting is something I am very passionate about and there I was about to present the idea to WBC.  All of the natural human emotions were present in me that day: fear, worry, hope, and excitement, and there was also the question: “What is God going to do?”  At the end of the service I think only five people spoke to me about the sermon.  I got in the car and said to Heather, “I don’t think they were expecting that.”  The next month we talked about it some more at our annual church meeting and we voted to set aside money for the work of planting a new church.  God was at work!  We began to pray for Sunbury and for a team of people to be a part of this new work.  In October of 2011 a team came together and began to meet weekly.  God was at work!  We moved into the summer of 2012 with plans to become more visible in the community through a Bible Club in the Park, Riverfest, two outdoor concerts and then ultimately through opening services to the public in October.  God was at work!  Thirty-four individuals from WBC have helped with this work, many others have prayed, and as a church we have given of our resources.  God is still working here and now in the new church in Sunbury.  As a result we have seen five individuals come to faith in Christ.  Five more have recommitted their lives to Christ and to a church that is growing.  Would you join me in giving God glory and thanks for all that He has done and is doing through Sunbury City Church?  The work is not finished; they still need our help and prayers.  This summer we will partner with four different churches from North Carolina to do two Backyard Bible Clubs and light construction projects in the city.  We will need people from WBC to help.  Though they have grown quickly, we must remember that they are still a young church and that they will continue to need our help with children’s ministry.  Please take some time to consider how you can help support this ministry.

– Pastor Corey Mitchell

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