The Joy of the Lord

A meditation on Psalm 90

               Have you ever felt like Solomon in Ecclesiastes?  Life can often give us the feeling of being a guinea pig in a running wheel, always moving about with busyness, but going nowhere.  That is where we find Moses in Psalm 90.  He begins by acknowledging God’s sovereign hand in creation and in the sustaining of His creation.  He then quickly moves into lamenting the plight of man.  He asks the Lord to teach us to number our days, but then in verse fourteen he is reminded of where he began, with God.  It is in verse fourteen that Moses turns toward the positive and cries out to God, “Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.”  Yes, life can feel like a rat race, it can become burdensome, but we have hope!  Yes, we have life and all is not meaningless if it is done as unto the Lord.  Moses finishes this psalm by asking for the favor of the Lord to be upon Israel and to establish the work of their hands.  Establish the work of our hands.  There is the burden of our lives.  We want our work to mean something to have a lasting impact.  Moses has traveled the wilderness with Israel for forty years and is getting tired of walking in circles.  Moses knows all about feeling like he is in a dead end job and yet he has hope.  His hope and joy are rooted in the Lord.  So he prays that God’s favor be upon them and that God would establish their work.  We can try on our own to establish our work, but it will always end with us walking in circles.  We need to seek the Lord and His guidance in His Word, and then pray as we move forward in the work we have been given to do.  The Lord wants His children to be satisfied, to be full and to have an abundant life.  The problem is that for too many of us it takes forty years for us to learn the truth of the lesson, ‘unless the Lord builds the house the laborers work in vain.’  In our day, may the Lord indeed establish the work of our hands, and may it all be done for His glory.

– Pastor Corey

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