God Is Good

This has been a big week in the Mitchell house.  A journey of 10 years has come to an end.  On Friday, Corey took his last final and finished all of his course work to complete his master’s degree.   (Please imagine my dance of joy!)  There have been days when I truly doubted if this day would ever come.  When we (and as Corey’s late night paper editor and study snack provider, I mean WE) began this journey at the beginning of our marriage, we thought we had everything figured out.  OUR PLAN: Corey would complete his degree in 3 years at Denver Seminary while I taught at a local elementary school.  GOD’S PLAN:  NOT THAT!  If you had told us then that 10 years and 5 kids later we would be finished, I don’t know if we would have laughed or cried.


This week, Corey and I have been reflecting on where God has taken us and our family.  All we can say is, GOD IS GOOD.  There were days where we didn’t know how we would pay our bills.  But GOD IS GOOD!  There were days where we didn’t know if we had the energy to change another diaper and write another paper.  But GOD IS GOOD!  There were days where we stared at another positive pregnancy test and wondered where we would put another bed.  But GOD IS GOOD!  There were days where we cried and held each other as we lost a baby.  But GOD IS GOOD!  As we look back, we see God’s hand carrying us through.


1 Chronicles 16:12 says, “Remember the wondrous works that he has done.”  Psalm 105:5 repeats this.  In fact, all over the Bible, we are told to remember the good works that God has done.  So, this week, I encourage you to look back over your life.  What has God brought you through that, at that moment, you weren’t sure you would see the end of?  How has God provided for you when you didn’t see a way?  What prayer has God answered for you?  Thank him and then share it with someone.  It is so encouraging to hear what God has done.  GOD IS GOOD!


– Heather Mitchell

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