Being Like Christ in Each Stage of Life

A Meditation on Ecclesiastes 7:10

I cringe when I hear someone tell a high school student that those are the best days of their life.  How utterly ridiculous it is to tell someone that the first eighteen years of their life are the best.  What do they have to look forward to?  This is not a biblical perspective on life.  An equally ridiculous statement is, “O’ the good ole days, why can’t we just go back?”  The Bible says it is not from wisdom that someone asks such a question.  Ecclesiastes 7:10 say, “Say not, “Why were the former days better than these?” For it is not from wisdom that you ask this.”

Not from wisdom, why?  Here is the thing about the past, most of us tend to remember the good times and suppress the bad.  It is only natural to do so.  We forget all the longings, struggles and trials of the former days.  The challenge for the Christian is to learn in each new stage of life how to be like Christ.  A student moves from little to no responsibility to being responsible for his own care.  That requires him to learn how to be Christ like as a responsible man.  A single man who gets married moves from being responsible for one to being a servant leader who needs to learn how to love his wife as Christ loved the church.  And then, perhaps later in life, you add the title father, grandfather, and eventually retiree.  At each new stage we must learn how we are to respond to the world as a follower of Christ.

The problem is that far too often we try to remain in a former stage never fully adjusting to our new reality.  Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 reminds us how a follower of Christ is to respond to the changing patterns and stages of life.  We would do well to consider this and become a doer of the Word with regards to being Christ like in each new stage of life.

– Pastor Corey

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